JLI 100mm 60/80/100/120/150/180/240/400 Diamond Grinding Wheels Grain Cutting Disc Bowl Type Saw Blade Grinding Abrasive Tools

JLI 100mm 60/80/100/120/150/180/240/400 Diamond Grinding Wheels Grain Cutting Disc Bowl Type Saw Blade Grinding Abrasive Tools
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9FQ UD-400 Hammer Mill Grain Grinder

/ Straw Crushing Machine/ (without motor)


Technical parameters:







Out size(mm)











Feed port(mm)






































This machine is suitable for cotton, branches, corn stalks, sorghum stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, etc.

 Various kinds of crops straw smashing processing. This product can smash all kinds of crops straw

 from around 1 to 50 mm, knead rate was 93%, and the applied to cattle, sheep, rabbit, raise geese,

 ducks and chickens, and power generation, the ideal of briquette fuel, paper and other equipment.

Mill installation

1. The machine can be fixed in the wood square frame, steel tower or cement base, they can also be installed in drag motor tricycle, but fixed must firmly ensure the operation safety.

2. Mill and motor installation, two axis must be parallel, two pulley outer face must be in a plane, the motor installed to have control clearance, belt of the dancer wants proper, can\'t too loose or too close.

3. Joint powder, need to tailor a diameter of 0.5 meters, 3 meters long material bags, to receive proper material, shall immediately out powder can be continuous operation. Wind casing can be installed according to the different conditions using three kinds of assembly mode

A, diffuser vertical B, diffuser rotate 90 degrees

C, diffuser vertical downward

4. check bearing grease is hardening metamorphism, such as hardening metamorphic application of clean oil wash and put on the new Albany grease. And check whether all bolt looseness. After the erection of inspection machines for foreign body, pin shaft cotter pin is reliable, cover good machine cover screw up the handwheel, with the hand rotation pulley, turn to be flexible, can not have friction or collision phenomenon, and check the engine steering is correct.

After the completion of installation shall first be idle experiment, to observe the correctness of the installation.

Operating procedures

1.Before starting, need to each part will carry on the detailed inspection, cotter pin have play off, bolt for the Chinese juniper, speed is reasonable, lubrication place if there is oil, machine hand rotation if there is a loose or card raft phenomenon, such as have unhealthy phenomenon must eliminate the rear can boot

2.Remove the metal material, sand, stone, etc sundry, in case of attaint parts.

3.Operators should stand in the feeding mouth side, hand banned stretch into machines, running stability of the work

4.Empty machine starting rotation direction is correct, idle for a few minutes to machine the smooth running work

5.It is strictly prohibited to load starting, empty machine starting working properly, then evenly feeding, to appear sometimes the phenomenon of powder injection can increase feed speed, but don\'t overload motor for reference, look for pulp or processing with certain water content materials, should add the appropriate water

6.When feeding mouth jam, ban on the use of the hand, hard stick, iron forced feeding

7.Work 500 hours, deal with bearings cleaning and inspection, oil change machine traction wheel turn period operator shall not be allowed to leave the job, when heard machine has abnormal sound to produce namely stop check

8.When the hammer tip after wear, but will hammer tablet head back or exchange edge, change new hammer tablet.

9.Stop former idle for 2-3 minutes, and close feed adjustment to remove excess stock inside the machine.